All About Contactless Payments

Types of Contactless payments

Contactless payments can be found in two main forms via a credit card -

How Secure Are Contactless Payments?

Besides preventing the contraction of coronavirus, contactless payments are quite secure and safe. This is because a unique one-time token is generated and sent over to the payment terminal for each and every transaction request made.

Benefits of Using Contactless Payments

With the following top benefits of contactless payments, you can surely grow your business.

  • Secure payments with fewer cybersecurity attacks or fraud losses.
  • Offer a more streamlined payment process.
  • Increased efficiency in payment processing and operations.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and payment flexibility.
  • Less physical contact means prevention of virus-carrying respiratory droplets.
  • Easier, quicker, and safer transactions using the tap-and-pay technology.
  • Shorter queues experienced at checkout, thus saving time spent at the grocery store.

Things to Consider Before Adopting Contactless Payment Modes

Talking about the benefits of contactless payments, let’s discuss the important factors you must consider before adopting them for your business.

  • Accessibility
  • Antiquated Systems Not Accepting Contactless Payments
  • Transaction Limitations



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